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Hello and welcome to Bottom Line Creative. My name is Ray Roman and I’m the founder and main contributor to this site. I have been in the real estate industry since 1986. I currently hold an active Oklahoma Real Estate Broker License.

In 2005 I created my first WordPress blog. It was that blog that sparked my interest in digital marketing. Since then I have created dozens of websites for others, and have also built a portfolio of personal sites as well. 

I have transitioned myself out of the transactional real estate side to focus primarily on real estate SEO and consulting work for the wireless telecommunications.  I spend a good amount of time my time writing for this blog, researching the latest digital marketing trends. I am also working on an extended video course for those who want to dig deeper into SEO and prefer to do it themselves.

Below is some additional information about me.

  • Married with 4 awesome kiddos and 2 grandkid
  • Served in the United States Marine Corp (7 years active and reserve combined)
  • Began in real estate managing co-ops, condominiums and Section 8 housing in NYC.
  • Worked in real estate projects in 18 different states.
  • Can play guitar…somewhat OK
  • Love fly fishing and fishing in general
  • While working at an NYC bank cashed a check for Carly Simon and Paul Schafer…very cool!
  • Owned and operated a donut/bakery shop in Hennessey, OK.
  • Raised in Brooklyn, NY
  • Wrote a book called the Free Software Guide. (PS. don’t buy it as it has not been updated in years)
My wife Tammy and I in Red River, NM out favorite summer vacation spot.